The Mystery of Pheasant Cottage

By Patricia M. St.John St.John

Lucy Martin leads a simple but happy life with grandparents at Pheasant Cottage. But one question lies dormant in Lucy’s heart and occasionally erupts to upset her quiet life: Why doesn’t she have a father?

Her grandparents are all too happy to speak about their daughter, Lucy’s mother who died when she was born, but when the topic of her father comes up, lips are sealed. With the encouragement of her rash new friend Don, Lucy determines to find her father and reconnect the broken pieces of her family. The quest does not go as planned. For the first time, Lucy find herself literally caught up in an adventure that is over her head. One thing becomes clear: she cannot reconcile her family on her own. Only when Lucy comes to grips with the true meaning behind the old Bible she’s long considered a boring old book, and the Friend within its living pages does she truly come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, love and life beyond death.

Originally published in 1978, The Mystery of Pheasant Cottage is now it its 3rd edition in 2015. St. John writes with a bygone poetic charm, but the story is as relevant as ever. Readers will be drawn into Lucy’s life and longings on a deep level. Be prepared to rejoice and cry with her, right to the last page. An absolutely profound and beautiful story, up there with the classics!

Genre: Middle Grade

Tea: classic English Breakfast