Welcome to Wednesday & our new weekly meme, Wednesday Writer’s Cafe!

Bri & I share the opinion that writing is the greatest profession in the world. But we must admit, it can get a little lonely at times. And we know in those lonely or frustrating moments how lovely it is to know you’re not alone! Others like you are out there, juggling jobs & writing time, scanning bookshop shelves, & searching for better ways to do what we love: write stories!

The Wednesday Writer’s Cafe is here to help! Each week, we will pose a question for all you writers out there (be you hobbyist, amateur or pro) specifically about your life as a writer. The hope is that through your comments, together we’ll spark a conversation, create a writer’s community & inspire one another with great new ideas. So join the chat & comment below!

Today’s Question: What does your writing routine look like?

Do you set aside a certain time each day? Have a special playlist or drink by your side? Go to a special writing spot that inspires you?

Basically, how do you get the job done?

Now over to you! Comment below OR feel free to post in your own blog & link back to us.