Here’s an exercise for you: next time you’re at a ho-hum dinner party, strike up a riveting conversation by asking your fellow guests, “Would you consider yourself a creative person?” Unless the table is comprised of confident, free-spirited, arty-farty types, the answers are likely to lean towards the negative. Most people wish they were creative, but feel they just haven’t got it (it being that mystical creative spark some people seem to be just born with…you know, the J.K.Rowlings among us).

Now ask yourself the same question: Am I a creative person? Have I ‘got’ creativity? Chances are if you’re a writer, you at least brand yourself the creative type… after all, isn’t Creativity a writer’s bread & butter? Every jot & tittle of our stories requires a little flex of our creative muscles. We must be creative for our art… or die trying!

But how often do we feel like Creativity lies just beyond our reach? We turn green with envy after reading a great novel bursting with creative ideas we wish we’d thought of, but didn’t… or lose focus and flow in our story because of that dreaded Creative Block?  Do you ever feel like Creativity is evading you? You chase it down like Alice chasing after the white rabbit, but every time you gain on it, it gives you the slip! And on & on goes the relentless rabbit’s chase until your energy tank is running on empty.

This lack or loss or block of Creativity has been the death of many a potential story & nipped many a just-blooming-writing-career in the bud. “If I could just pin down that white rabbit, Creativity!” we cry. For then we might domesticate him in order that, like a faithful pet, he  would come when called upon and do our bidding! But how?

Well I’m here to say, DON’T THROW IN YOUR CREATIVE TOWEL JUST YET! So long as you are human, there is hope. After all, Creativity is one of the features that sets us apart from many of the creatures who share this planet with us… like sea squirts. *(My sincere apologies if I have just slighted any creative sea squirts out there unawares!) Creativity is a wonderful gift, not a pesky evasive rodent. It’s meant to be exercised and enjoyed, and its fruits enjoyed by others.

When it comes to Creativity, it’s not about whether you’ve got it or not. It’s how you use it that counts. It’s a thing to be nurtured, an appetite to be whet, a muscle to beef up. And for the rest of this 3-part series, we’re here to help you PUMP YOUR CREATIVE MUSCLES UP!!!  We may not have the magic key to unlock the Creativity treasure trove, but we can at least give you some tips to start you out on the right foot. We’ll unpack…

I. What exactly is Creativity anyway?  (and how do I get me some?)

II. The Art of Observation: how to seek & find Inspiration

III. The Art of Asking: the writer’s quest for questions

So stay tuned!

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