I know I already posted today, but wanted to share little happening in my home. I posted to our blog and decided to reward myself with scones before I settled down to write. The chocolate chips were calling to me and I knew if I didn’t make scones soon, there wouldn’t be enough chips left to make them. I always use half white flour and half wheat flour…that makes them healthy, right?

So I start out with the intention of making scones, planning on making some chocolate mint tea to go with them. So imagine my surprise and horror when I pulled out the pans, and instead of scones, there were COOKIES! The fairie who lives in my oven changed the scones into oatmeal raisin cookies where the raisins are chocolate chips! How dare she!!

Oh well. It’s not my fault I now have a plate of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, which incidentally go very well with Jane Austen black tea. No, not my fault at all.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fun and safe weekend, and don’t forget to do some writing.IMG_1521.jpg